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Young bulls in the yard.



Currently have a large selection of young bulls in the yard ready for work and many more following behind. These are sired by - 



As well as AI sires-

Mereside Jester

Balinloan Jaegerbomb

Netherhall Jackpot




Elderberry Oklahoma






Elderberry Oakland


Elderberry Northerner


Elderberry Napoleon


Elderberry New Kid On The Block & Elderberry Nashville Pp


Elderberry Nobby


Elderberry Nashville Pp


Elderberry North Star & Elderberry Nizlopi


Elderberry Nizlopi


Elderberry Nirvana


Elderberry North Star & Elderberry Ned Kelly


Elderberry Night In Vegas & Elderberry Nigel 


Eldebrerry Nigel



Bulls currently available :


Elderberry Nigel (22/01/2017)

Jupiter x Giroflee

Giroflee is a huge french female with a lot of milking ability. Her pelvis is near perfect. Nigel is tall long and correct and would be an excellent choice to breed quality replacement females.  


Elderberry Nashville Pp (16/06/2017)

Netherhall Jackpot x Elderberry Jade Pp (Farfelu)

Hetero Polled, Hetero NT821, a heifers calf.


Elderberry Nirvana (19/06/2017)

Mereside Jester x Joalia-ben (Haldo)

2 copies of F94L. Sire is very easy calving, dam has a remarkable pelvis. 


Elderberry New Kid On The Block (6/07/2017)

Fenrir x Joueuse (Daimant)

Dam is half sister to Fenomen, a real cow breeding type of bull with a wide square pelvis and natural power and width. 2 copies of F94L


Elderberry Nizlopi (21/08/2017)

Ballinloan Jaegerbomb x Gazelle (Casimir)

Carries 2 copies of F94L gene from a stylish Casimir female. 


Elderberry Nobby (2/11/2017)

Elderberry Galahad x Elderberry Francoise 

Excellent natural growth combined with extremely easy calving and short gestation genetics.


Elderberry Ned Kelly (10/11/2017)

Fenrir x Buchette

Alongside his 12 year old dam he was the winner of  Best Cow and Bull Calf in the 2018 NELBC herd competetion. 


Elderberry Napoleon (18/12/2017) 

Intrepide x Eline (Usse x Remix)

First born son of Intrepide. Eline is a powerhouse of a female with natural width and power, a wide pelvis and very high milking ability. Her maternal pedigree being Usse x Remix gives her huge maternal index. Napoleon is the best grown young bull that we have bred. 


Elderberry Northerner (21/12/2017)

Intrepide x Graphite (Castor)

Graphite was imported from Luxembourg and represents a good outcross option. Northerner is a sweet stylish and long Intrepide son. 


Elderberry Oakland (4/01/2018)

Intrepide x  Thomastown Isabelle (Wilodge Goldcard)

Growing into a super young bull, this is an Interepide son from a Wilodge Goldcard daughter who milks well and has a very level and large pelvis. 


Elderberry Oklahoma (13/02/2018) 

Jupiter x Elderberry Lauren (Engy)

Another very stylish and well grown Jupiter son from first calving heifer who by the Maternal bull Engy and from Elderberry Harmonie who is a Sympa daughter of Eline, combining style power and milk, an excellent dam line.

Bull weighed 604kg on 24th Jan.   


Plus many more.........


All types, various prices, please call for more details and to discuss your requirements. 

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07799 884951



                       A selection of bulls sold recently-


                       Elderberry Moonshine SOLD PRIVATELY

                       Jupiter x Elderberry Imogen

                            Dam is a first calver by maternal french AI sire and former herd sire Engy.


                       Elderberry Moophrate  SOLD PRIVATELY

                       Euphrate x Gazelle

                           Good mixed type of bull with a good balance of size and muscle with good legs. 





                      Elderberry Mars SOLD PRIVATELY TO LINCOLNSHIRE

                      Mars is a superb young bull with length and width and is bred by the french AI sire Hamac. The dam was also dam of Elderberry Jupiter below. 


                      Elderberry Max SOLD PRIVATELY TO CO. DURHAM



                             Elderberry Musician SOLD PRIVATELY


                       Elderberry Maverick SOLD PRIVATELY AT 11 MONTHS.


Born end of April '16, this young bull is showing good width and style and is a son of a french stockbull Impair who was injured on the lorry over to the UK and subsequently only got a handful of cows in calf.  Impair is bred by Queyrol-Biterrelle and is a son of Eclair - a new bloodline. Impair showed in the small number of calvings to be very easy calving. The dam is a Sympa daughter of Usse daughter Eline who is wide and powerful and has plenty of milk as does her daughter. We hope to keep this bull breeds fine show type progeny for his purchaser Richard Stevenson..


Elderberry Malc SOLD PRIVATELY


March '16 born. Malc is a another son of Impoli. Malc is a more refined with fine bones but has still grown well with good weights. The dam is Columbie who is good honest cow that always breeds a good calf and also bred Elderberry Henry below. Sold locally for commerial breeding.


Elderberry Magnum SOLD PRIVATELY



The best bull of the pen, stylish and refined and full of breed charachter. He is one of only two sons of Hamac in UK (other is also at Elderberry). Hamac is an AI sire who sold to Italy for 17,000EUR in 2014 at the French National Show in Limoges. He was a bull with extreme length and balance and breed charachter with perfect legs and feet and walked out just as you would want with free movement. We didn't hesitate to try a small quantity of his semen and he has left us with the best bull of his crop and the likewise with the female calf. The third calf from him was a bull calf born in September 2016 and coming along nicely. Hamac has been gene tested to carry calving ease, muscle and milk. Magnums dam is Elderberry Evette - the best daughter we ever bred from super easy calver Milbrook Alistair. She is from a quality dam line, her dam was Elderberry Antoinette by Goldies Terence and her sister was Reserve Overall Champion at the Red Ladies Derby at Carlisle some years ago. Evette has so far bred Elderberry Gump (below) and Elderberry Halogen (below) as well as Elderberry Jeanette who's photo is used to promote french AI sire Engy in France. Magnum in our opinion is a bull of pedigree quality. Good luck to Messrs Bourn in Lincolnshire with him.






20170309_085217'Elderberry'  is a pure bred unregistered calf by Elderberry Jan (below) and out of Elderberry Juliette who is a Sympa daughter of Grenoiulle who is 3/4 sister to Etudient. Sold at York Multibreed March 2017 for second top price 3,200.



Lys is a polled bull who was bought at the foot of his mother at the dispersal sale of the great herd of Alain Hillaire in France. He is by Hercule P and out of Gazelle who is by the French National Show Muscle champion Casimir and out of the best cow in the herd. Because of the sire Lys is a late maturing type of bull with a good pelvis and very long.   


Elderberry Lagavulin - SOLD PRIVATELY

Lagavulin is a son of new sersia AI sire Dieunordic and out of Darrilla who has many sons sold for breeding (below). Sold to North Yorkshire for commercial calf production.


Elderberry Jupiter - SOLD PRIVATELY 


Sold at 19 months. Jupiter is a son of french AI sire Chaumeil, a son of Objat. He is the first calf of quality French female Galaxie from the herd of Daniel Peyrot.  

 jupiter image




Elderberry Jedi SOLD PRIVATELY

Elderberry Jedi is another son of AI sire and Objat son Chaumeil and out of the strong french female Fontaine.  


Elderberry Jan - SOLD CARLISLE OCT 2015



jan image 3


jan image 2


jan image 1


Born 10th April 2014 (as pictured below that went on Facebook) Elderberry Jan is a son of Irish National Male Champion Newtown Freeman and out of Coquette, a strong french female line who is powerful and wide with an abundance of milk. She is extremely easy calving and her progeny are consistenly good quality with exceptional growth rates every time, including Jan himself who has shown great natural growth.Coquette (dam) is one of the quietest cows on the farm and Jan is also very docile. 

Jan carries 2 copies of the F94L gene so calving ease will be superior to the signet figures. He carries a beef value of 36!


jan day born image



Elderberry Irville DOB

An excellent later maturing type bull with good beef and maternal merit. A son of french AI sire Urville and out of french cow Darrilla who is sired by twice national male champion champion bull Verdi and also dam of Elderberry Heinz below. Sold for commercial breeding.




Elderberry Idaho DOB 30-03-13

Idaho new image 2

Idaho new image 3

Idaho new image 5

Idaho new image 4

This is a son of Branceille (Objat) out of a Wilodge Vantastic x Ronick Luke daughter who also bred Elderberry Hawaii (profile below). Bred for style, muscle and calving ease. His temperament is very good and stands on strong legs. Sold to breed commercial show calves.


Elderberry Independence  SOLD PRIVATELY

Independence image

This young bull is also by Branceille (Objat) out of one of our best female lines on the farm. He is the first calf off Elderberry Frederique who is a quality Tastevin daughter of french cow Catarina who is an exceptional female that bred Elderberry Hobgoblin (profile below) that sold privately to a pedigree herd. Catarina is a true pedigree cow - large, powerful, stylish and wide with good legs, a perfect pelvis, a lot of muscle, a great temperament and an ubundance of milk. 


Elderberry Heinz SOLD PRIVATELY 

heinz new image 1

heinz new image 2                         heinz new image 3

Elderberry Heinz is a son of Plumtree Deus and out of a French cow by Verdi. Sold for commercial breeding, 


Elderberry Halogen SOLD PRIVATELY

DOB 01/10/2012

Elderberry Halogen

Halogen index


                                                         GS: Wilodge Vantastic

                                           S: Newtown Freeman

                                                                               GD: Newtown Trixie


                                                                              GS: Milbrook Alistair (Domino)

                                           D:Elderberry Evette

                                                                              GD:Elderberry Antoinette (Goldies Terence)


Elderberry Hitman SOLD PRIVATELY

DOB: 09/10/2012

 Hitman image field

Another son of Newtown Freeman out of a French heifer who is by renowned sire Remix. 



Selection of 2013 sales


Elderberry Hematite SOLD PRIVATELY

DOB: 22/05/12

A son of Plumtree Deus and out of French female Emeraude who is by Ulys MN and out of the same dam as new French Sersia AI sire Chatalein (Urane by Neuf) and can be seen here http://www.sersia.fr/fr/index-viande/fiche.php?id=1208099630. Sold privately in september for use on purebreds. 



Elderberry Hawaii SOLD PRIVATELY

DOB: 05/03/2012

 Hawaii IMAGE

Photo taken April






                                                                                                             gs: WILODGE VANTASTIC

                                                         d: ELDERBERRY ELOUISE 

                                                                                                             gd: SHERRY UNIS  (ggs: ronick luke)


Calving Value 94

Maternal Value 96

Beef Value 107


Weights (Adj)  200 - 319kg   300 - 459kg


Elderberry Hawaii is a stylish, long, clean and hard muscled young bull with light bone. This bull has the potential to be a breeder of show calves. Muscle score EBV of 115 and Maternal calving is 119. He is sure to throw stylish, lean, muscular progeny. 



DOB 28/02/2012

Hobgoblin new image

hobgoblin fb image


                                                                                                                       gs: NESTOR 


                                                                                                                       gd: TATIA (ggs: Ionesco)


                                                                                                                      gs: AMICAL

                                                                d: CATARINA

                                                                                                                      gd: TONIA


Calving Value 72

Maternal Value 115

Beef Value 114


Weights (Adj)    200 - 407kg    300 - 595kg


This young bull has extremely good width, thickness and growth. Despite his (his sires) calving figures, he was born easily and unassisted. He is very good on the plates and would be an excellent calf breeder or for putting thickness and pelvis into females. His index for muscle depth is 126 and his 200 day growth index is 127 and Maternal Calving of 111. He brings new genetics to the UK. Bial (sire) offers huge figures in France for growth, muscle and carcass conformation. The dam is a large, beefy female with very good milking ability and her first daughter Elderberry Frederique (by Tastevin) is a quality breedy heifer that is being retained in the herd. A quality young bull with a lot of potential.


Elderberry Hurricane SOLD PRIVATELY

DOB 04/01/2012

Hurricane image


                                                                                                                         gs: SCAPIN

                                                         s: URVILLE

                                                                                                                        gd: OXANE ( ggs: Domino)


                                                                                                                        gs: SAMY

                                                       d: ELDERBERRY ELSA (ET)

                                                                                                                       gd: SHERRY URICKA (Jockey x Rake Terence)


Calving Value 107

Maternal Value 97

Beef Value 113


Weights (adj)       200 - 368kg      400 - 676kg


This young bull is very long and well grown with an excellent pelvis. He would be very suitable for replacement female production. Urville (sire) is well proven in France to inject size, milk and production value into his daughters. Due to the limited data in the UK, his maternal figures do not yet reflect the reality of the bloodline. Will certainly put size and milk into replacements. 


Elderberry Havana  SOLD Carlisle June Bull Sale

DOB 01/02/2012

Havana image

Havana behind image


                                                                                                                       gs: UVERGNY

                                                               s: BAKOU

                                                                                                                      gd: TATA






Calving Value 98

Maternal Value 108

Beef Value 100


Weights (Adj)     200 - 363kg      300 - 526kg


Havana is from an excellent dam line. We imported Virginie (g.dam) Buchette (dam) and then later her daughter Eva (pictured below) from France. The family have real quality with power and width on the plates. Havana has good growth and offers a balance between beef and maternal traits. This offers new genetics to the UK and is entered for Carlisle June bull sale. 

Eva image


Elderberry Henry SOLD PRIVATELY

DOB: 19/04/2012

Henry image


                                                                                                             gs: DOMINO

                                                         s: MILBROOK ALISTAIR

                                                                                                             gd: MILBROOK TOYA


                                                                                                            gs: ARMAGNAC

                                                        d: COLOMBIE

                                                                                                            gd:VIOLAINE (ggs: Highlander)


Calving Value 138

Maternal Value 104

Beef Value 106


Weights (Adj)  200 - 365kg    300 - 532kg


Smart well grown calf by the calving trait leader Milbrook Alistair. Long and very docile with breed character.



Sired by the French AI sire Urville, Horatio has excellent growth and is very well made with great breed character and power. Out of a quality ET homebred Samy daughter Elderberry Esme. 



Bulls sold in 2012 and before-


Elderberry Galahad

(Milbrook Alistair x Highlander)

Private export sale at 8 1/2 months to Dovea Genetics AI, Eire.

Pictured at 10 1/2 months

Galahad image

galahad image 2

Galahad behind image

 This is by far our biggest achievement selling Galahad to Irish AI company 'Dovea Genetics', our first bull to enter an AI catalogue. We are very proud of this achievment and are pleased to hear that he is already widely used in Ireland, with high demand for his easy calving genetics. Can be seen here http://dovea-genetics.ie/beef-sires/limousin/

He is now being rated as Ireland's easiest calving commercially available Limousin sire with calving difficulty at just 2.00%! First progeny are looking excellent in Ireland as well as in our own herd. 




Breeding- Sympa x Milbrook Alistair x Goldies Terence

EBVs (Index)

Calving Ease 99

Mat Calving Value 101

Gestation Length 124

Calving Value 115

200 day growth 134

400 day growth 131

Muscle depth 127

Beef Value 130

200 day Milk 104

Maternal Production Value 130

Maternal Value 123


Pictured at 12 months

 Gump image


Elderberry Gambler

(Milbrook Alistair x Frewstown Ojo)


Sold privately to commercial suckler herd, joining his two Elderberry bulls bought previously (7 and 6 years ago)  


Elderberry Gambler image

Gambler behind image

Elderberry Gambler EBV figures

gambler figures image


Bulls sold in 2011 

We have sold young bulls in 2011 by Milbrook Alistair, Grahams Poncho, Wilodge Vantastc, Rocky and Grahams Unbeatable.


Elderberry Eragon
New Eragon image 27/4
DOB: 20/10/2009
Sire: Wilodge Vantasic
Dam: Grahams Virtue
Sold privately for £7000 to  JF Teague, Buteland Farm, Balerno, Edinburgh.
Elderberry Einstein
Einstein image
DOB: 30/07/2009
Sire: Wilodge Vantastic
Dam: Middledale Urge
Sold 2,600gns to Messrs Priestly, Hill Top Farm, Denholme, Bradford for their Brontemoor Pedigree Herd. 
Elderberry East Yorkshireman - ET
eastyorkshireman image
DOB: 21/7/2009
Sire: Wilodge Vantastic
Dam: Sherry Uricka
Sold Carlisle Feb 2011 for 5,000gns to M Stephenson, Balcaimie Farm, Dailly Girvan, Ayrshire.


The above is merely a selection of the young bulls we have sold over the last few years however we would like to wish to ALL our bull customers the best of luck with their purchases.