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Pedigree Limousin Herd Sire


Our new senior herd sire is ...


intrepide image

Intrepide after arriving from France in December 2016.


Intrepide photographed 12/07/17 in working clothes after running out at grass with cows.

A very limited amount of semen (120 straws will be released) will be available from 1st August at £80/straw plus VAT and shipping and has no royaty fee.

An exciting new purchase, this bull's first calves in France look impressive and we now have pregnancies to the bull. He is double F94L and an outcross of genetics.


Our current junior herd sire is ...


Jupiter - semen to be taken later this year.

Jupiter comes from quality bloodlines at Champeval. The sire is the great Celestin who is an objat son from show cow Voyelle who is a super female at Delage herd and is full of muscle and power. Celestin breeds quality bulls and heifers alike. The dam of Jupiter is a real eye catcher of a cow. A true quality pedigree cow, full of breed charachter, power, width, style, muscle and milk. Jupiter was suckling his mother when we bought him. He is growing into his breeding and is full of breed charachter and thick beefy shape with strong correct legs. We feel he is the bull to breed quality stock of both sexes. He carries two copies of the F94L gene. First calves have been exceptionally easy calving without exception on cows and heifers and he will be put across all of our heifers from now on.


2017-02-02 16.25.41 

A selection of Jupiter's first calves.....



We are also using AI sires -









amongst others




Former sires Jaco, Impair, Impoli, Engy, Newtown Freeman and Milbrook Alistair. Scroll down for details and progeny pictures.


Former senior Sire - Engy

Engy image

Engy was purchased at the Grand Cru sale at the French National Show 2012. Carries excellent figures for milk, calving ease and beef value. He is very long and has great width throughout and has an incedible pelvis. 

His first progeny in France are showing great promise. Picture of one of his heifer calves in the herd of his breeder is below.

engy calf image


Former sire- Newtown Freeman

freeman large image

Pictured at Irish National Championships 2011 where he stood Overall Male Champion

Newtown Freeman 2014 image

Newtown Freeman pictured on farm in April 2014

Our new junior herd sire is Newtown Freeman, a young bull from the Republic of Ireland with huge potential. At just 13 months old he stood Irish National Male Champion 2011 at Tullamore. We purchased him at Roscrea Mart in October 2011 at under 15 months old as Champion for the top price of 16,000 euros. He is a son of Wilodge Vantastic and out of a tremdous breeding cow Newtown Trixie, a daughter of Dauphin.  

His calves are stamped with width, muscle and style.

first freeman calf image

Bull calf 6 weeks and 1 day.

freeman calf image 1

Bull calf 5 1/2 months

freeman twin bull calf image

Pure commercial bull calf 6 months old.

york sale image

6 month old bull calf

freeman bull calf image

Bull calf 6 1/2 months

rear field image

first daughter image

Heifer calf 10 1/2 months old.

field side image

Bull calf 6 months

freeman heifer image

Heifer calf 7 months.

freeman bull calf image

Bull calf 6 months

freeman twin bull calf image 2

Pure commercial twin bull calf 6 1/2 months

another freeman heifer image

Heifer 5 1/2 months.

month old heifer calf image

Heifer calf 1 month.

hilda n diablesse image

Heifer calf 6 months

freeman bull calf image

Bull calf 4 1/2 months old.

16 month heifer image

16 month old heifer by Freeman

freeman twin bull calf rear image

Rear of pure commercial calf 6 1/2 months old.

 18m son of freeman image

young bull 18 months old. 





Former herd sire-

NEW alistair photo

Milbrook Alistair - superb female breeder carrying huge maternal and easy calving figures. Has left his legacy on the herd with some excellent breeding females.

evette adult image

Alistair female in the herd.